Areas Of Practice

  • Decision-making responsibility/Parenting time

  • Child/Spousal Support
  • Division Of Property/Assets
  • Separation/Divorce – Defended
  • Separation Agreements
  • Domestic/Marriage Contracts
  • Variation Proceedings
  • Independent Legal Advice
  • Restraining Orders
  • Variation Proceedings
  • Mediation/Negotiation
  • Wills & Powers Of Attorney
  • Child Custody/Access
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What You Can Expect

We begin our service with a FREE 30 minute phone consultation. Thereafter, a one-hour in-person consultation is offered at a discounted rate of $200.

When you hire our firm for your family law matter we will work on your behalf to:

  1. Finalize Decision-making responsibility and Parenting time in accordance with the best interests of the children.
  2. Secure an order for child support or spousal support to enhance financial stability.
  3. Draft and file separation agreements, cohabitation agreements or marriage contracts in order to secure your interests and peace of mind.
  4. Prepare, file, serve and argue motions for various relief, including restraining orders, sale of a jointly held property, etc.
  5. Handle all divorce matters whether contested or uncontested.
  6. Finalize division of the family property.
  7. Support you throughout your family law litigation and offer advice and guidance on your next steps.

We ensure that your matter is dealt with as cost-efficiently and expeditiously as possible. Whether drafting a family law document or providing you with independent legal advice, our rates are highly competitive as we strive to provide excellent service to our valued clients.

*Our regular rate is currently $300/hour + HST  (rates are subject to change without notice)

Additional Services

Home Visits

Institutional Visits

 Limited Scope Retainers

Notarize Documents

Commission Affidavits

Return Long Distance Calls

 Travel Out Of Area For Hearings

Wheelchair Accessible Premises